Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

Veterinarian, Bioethicist and Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

United Kingdom

The enclosures these dogs were confined within were grossly overcrowded and poorly maintained. The method of killing used was shockingly cruel. After being beaten with a crude wooden club in an apparent attempt to induce unconsciousness, the major arteries in the throat were cut by what appeared to be a dirty knife.

The dogs were then suspended by a hind leg, and bled to death. Unfortunately however, most of the dogs filmed recovered consciousness either while their throats were cut open, or once they were unceremoniously thrown onto a pile of bodies nearby. These dogs would clearly have endured enormous pain and fear before death released them. Some were seen struggling desperately for survival. The whole procedure was watched by other clearly fearful dogs in a cage very close by, further demonstrating the absolute callousness of the slaughtering process.