Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University

United States of America

I have written something like 50 commentaries on videos of animal abuse in research, agriculture, “entertainment,” education, and the like. But this video of the dog slaughterhouse is without a doubt the worst, most horrifying and most  evil footage I have ever witnessed.

In many cases, the animals being cut up are alive and aware. Most horrendous is the fact that in China, as well as in North America and Europe, dogs are pets and companions. Yet no concern or respect for the animals is evidenced. The bond between humans and dogs is treated with total contempt, even allowing for the fact that some Chinese people do in fact eat dogs. The physical plant where the killing takes place is dark, dirty, and horrible. The people working there seem totally unaffected by what they are doing.

If  the psychological insight first articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas, that those who abuse animals will graduate to people, as modern psychology suggests, I would not wish to meet any of those slaughter workers in a dark alley.