Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

Day 3 (FRIDAY 12 APRIL 2013)

Jiaxiang Dog Farm

Yesterday we visited a farm in Jining and one of its owners offered to be our intermediary in the area. He made it clear that if we want to but dogs in this area, he would take a cut of each sale. We insisted that we wanted to see other farms in the region and so today he takes us to a farm in Jiaxiang. In the entrance of this farm is a huge wall display with photos of the dogs that are bred, in the style of a catalogue. At its side, we discover one cage with nine puppies inside, curled up on the wire floor and the excrement. They are being exposed to show the products that are available to us. The owner takes one of them and holds it up to the camera.
Through a fence we see the kennels where the large dogs for meat can be raised until they reach 90kg in approx 5 months. Although its ‘production’ equates to 80 dogs a week, these people also assure us that they can sell us as many dogs as we want. We leave, saying that we will be in touch.