Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

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In view of the shocking investigation into slaughterhouses and dog meat markets, carried out by the animal rights organisation Animal Equality, I’ve been able to see first-hand the terrible physical and psychological torture these animals are subjected to.

More than 10 millions dogs and 4 million cats are murdered each year for their meat and fur in China. The cruelty of this practice is completely unjustifiable.

There are millions of us around the world who consider that the massacre of dogs and cats for human consumption or for their fur is unacceptable and I therefore urge China’s government to prohibit and eradicate this cruel trade.

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Day 3

Dog farm, Suburb of Diangbei

Upon arrival at a dog farm located in the suburb of Diangbei, I observed caged dogs. However the animals here were apparently not to be sold for their flesh, but for pets.
I could not see anything that could possibly provide the animals with any comfort.
There were a couple of larger and smaller dogs within tiny cages. One of these animals looked quite old. Many of the dogs were German Shepherds.

The dogs were barking alot when I stood near to the cages.