Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

Dog slaughterhouse, Southern Suburb of Leizhou

This slaughterhouse was the largest one I visited in China. There were five workers on site. A house was attached to the slaughterhouse and a dog holding area that was sectioned in two. This area reminded me of an open air prison. Each of the sections was approximately 60 m².

I was told that not all dogs who arrive are killed on the same day. They can be held in this hell hole for several days.

They can be held in this hell hole for several days.

Between the entrance to the property and the dog holding area was the area where dogs were beaten to death, dismembered and boiled in water.

No killing took place while I was in the vicinity, as workers were busy preparing and cooking the corpses of dead dogs in large pans. There was a dog running free, who seemed to be a worker’s ‘pet’.

I was told that all the dogs are street dogs, caught in various cities. When I asked if the dogs were being provided with food and water during that time, I was told that they got water every once in while, but no food.